UPDATE: Bryn Marina is part of the July 11, 2015 Episode of Adult Swim’s Adult Swim – OFF THE AIR

For over a year, my DSLR has been clicking away on fishtanks full of grow-in-water toys, in hopes that the clips of primordial creatures squirming into some kind of life would come together as a music video. Nine months into the slow, slow process of 3-day to 1-week long shots, I emailed footage to Karen Hover and Ryan Hover of the band Candy Claws. I had fallen in love with their album Ceres and Calypso in the Deep Time in summer of 2014 and they were my dream collaborators for the project.

Lucky for me, Karen and Ryan were open and generous about letting me in on their new project, Sound of Ceres, and we started working together – me, finding creatures and crafting shots that complimented their nature-by-way-of-synthesizer dream pop, and them – honing the song and adding incredible musical collaborators to the project: The Apples in Stereo and The Drums.

I finally got to meet Karen and Ryan in real life SXSW 2015, and they are even better than they are over the internet… I met some people from Pitchfork who were incredibly supportive of the project… And I have become a believer in the kindness of former strangers on the internet.

Official Album Announcement HERE