A high point of my 2014 at MTV OTHER – this short film by Ian Samuels, produced by Giulia Caruso and Ki Jin Kim at Nonetheless and Brendan Kennedy at MTV Other, starring Kathleen Hanna, and with music by the Boys (from band-I-love YACHT)… If you don’t love Myrna, you have no heart.

In competition at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival, where its warmth will melt the snow from the mountains of Park City.

Myrna the Monster, a heart-broken alien dreamer from the moon, describes her life to a Los Angeles support group. She talks about her laundromat romance, attempts at becoming an actress, and a transcendent desert drug trip with her best friend Shelly. Her collective experiences give her the courage to make her most personal confession and her most difficult choice. Should she stay or should she go back to her moon lover?